NOMO AMKE focuses its interest in the cultural and creative sectors through thematic axes for the implementation of cultural projects, research and development and the simultaneous absorption of new technologies. Thus temporarily different worlds can leave common traces on the path of culture.


  • ΝΩΜΩ was created with the intention of facilitating the interconnection of areas and specialties with an emphasis on extroversion. Its vision is to participate in a process of expanding the access between the cultural and creative sectors based on audience groups, widen their approach to research and development, further the promotion of cutting-edge technologies in creative activities and research-driven narratives, examine the conditions needed for the creation of a sustainability strategy.
  • It implements its programming through thematic axes, which facilitate the interconnection of thematic research fields and artistic approaches, the specification of access and accessibility needs, and finally the counting and grouping of technical issues to be solved in various ways related to technology.
  • NΩΜΩ has chosen the sense of “SPACE” as its first thematic axis. The peculiarities of the spatial expression concern the organization NOMO, concepts such as time, place – landscape, public and private space, urbanization, property, locality, identity.

Different worlds can leave common traces on the path of civilization.

In the following articles, NOMO and her team express the way in which they approach their proposals for actions and programs.

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