NOMO AMKE focuses its interest in the cultural and creative sectors through thematic axes for the implementation of cultural projects, research and development and the simultaneous absorption of new technologies. Thus temporarily different worlds can leave common traces on the path of culture.


The activities selected in the context of the first thematic axis of ΝΩΜΩ approach the issue of, SPACE in a multidimensional way, while at the same time highlighting its importance for the formation and dynamics of critical areas of human life: both in terms of recognition and normalization of the wider environment. in time (universe, […]


Synergy and interconnection are the main axis of ΝΩΜΩ’s (pronounced NOMO) activities development considering that the cultural and creative sectors, on which they are based, include a variety of fields of action: modern scientific methodology, creative expressions and narratives, technology , research and development, creation, production, documentation of cultural goods and services.


Sustainability as well as its relative terms are of great importance and now greatly mobilize the global community. This gives NOMO the opportunity to explore the possibility of designing a long-term sustainability strategy through actions related to the natural environment or the manifestations of material heritage and at the same time to seek as much […]