Synergy and interconnection are the main axis of ΝΩΜΩ’s (pronounced NOMO) activities development considering that the cultural and creative sectors, on which they are based, include a variety of fields of action: modern scientific methodology, creative expressions and narratives, technology , research and development, creation, production, documentation of cultural goods and services.

The above develops around the multifaceted interaction of actors and organizations and includes, inter alia:

science, research and artistic creation in general, creations of contemporary and folk art, design, architecture, engineering, programming, databases, ecology, applied arts and techniques, audiovisual applications, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, archives, libraries and museums, festivals, music , literature, performing arts, publications, radio, etc.

The “interconnection” of the fields of science – art – technology, can have a multiplier effect on the diffusion of the results of both the sectors separately, the scientific discoveries and the technological innovation but also together in the wider society and economy.

The ultimate goal is to create a hybrid “space” for the implementation of project, research & innovation, the development of methods, standards and protocols of cooperation and integration into global mechanisms by implementing joint programs.